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Welcome to Chile Chicken Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville Hot Chicken in Albuquerque, NM

Located at 3005 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111 (Eubank & Candelaria)

Chile Chicken Nashville Hot Chicken was established in March of 2019. Originally, our name was FireBird. However, we had to change our name due to legal reasons. Another restaurant in Atlanta with a similar name was not happy we were getting found on Google instead of them. However, FirdBird was not our first choice as a business name. We wanted to name the restaurant Dirty Bird Hot Chicken to match our sister restaurant, Down N' Dirty Seafood Boil. That didn't go through so well with our landlord. They weren't fans of the name.

What is Nashville HOT Chicken

We definitely are not in Nashville, Tennessee. That does not mean we cannot serve up the city's famous hot and spicy fried chicken.

It is known as Nashville hot chicken because it was originally invented in Nashville by the wife of Thornton Prince in the 1930s when she tried to take revenge on his stomach for coming home late. She mixed up the hottest possible concoction of fried chicken spice she could come up with, hoping to set him on fire from the inside out. Her efforts backfired. Thornton loved the hot chicken!

What's on the menu at Chile Chicken?

We won't sugar coat it. We sell fried chicken, fresh never frozen chicken, that is. While we mainly focus on serving up spicy fried chicken, it isn't the only fried chicken we offer. Once our customer has selected which cut of chicken they would like to indulge in, they also choose which level of spiciness they want. That includes not having it spicy at all. Our six levels of heat includes none, mild, medium, hot, cluckin' hot, and really cluckin' hot. The higher you move up in the level, the spicier it gets.

We are famous for our bold flavors. Some of our most popular menu items includes chicken sandwich, chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, and chicken and waffles. There's much more on the list. We invite you to check out our full menu.

You can look forward to future updates regarding our business, story times, and updates on other small locally owned business around Albuquerque as we strive to support our community. See you in our next blog post.

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